2023 China Composites Exhibition Sep 12-14

The “China International Composites Exhibition” is the largest and most influential professional technical exhibition for composite materials in the Asia-Pacific region. Since its inception in 1995, it has been committed to promoting the prosperity and development of the composite materials industry. It has established long-term good cooperative relations with the industry, academia, research institutions, associations, media, and relevant government departments. The exhibition strives to create an online and offline professional platform for communication, information exchange, and personnel exchanges throughout the composite materials industry chain. It has now become an important indicator of the global composite materials industry’s development and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.


Exhibition Scope:

Raw Materials and Production Equipment: Various resins (unsaturated, epoxy, vinyl, phenolic, etc.), various fibers and reinforcing materials (glass fiber, carbon fiber, basalt fiber, aramid, natural fiber, etc.), adhesives, various additives, fillers, dyes, premixes, pre-impregnated materials, and production, processing, and handling equipment for the above raw materials.

Composite Materials Production Technology and Equipment: Spray, winding, molding, injection, pultrusion, RTM, LFT, vacuum introduction, autoclaves, and other new molding technologies and equipment; honeycomb, foaming, sandwich technology and process equipment, mechanical processing equipment for composite materials, mold design and processing technology, etc.

Final Products and Applications: Products and applications of composite materials in corrosion prevention projects, construction projects, automobiles and other rail transportation, boats, aerospace, aviation, defense, machinery, chemical industry, new energy, power electronics, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, sports equipment, daily life, and other fields, as well as manufacturing equipment.

Quality Control and Testing of Composite Materials: Quality monitoring technology and material testing equipment, automation control technology and robots, non-destructive testing technology and equipment.

During the exhibition, ACM signed order agreements with 13 world-renowned companies, with a total order amount of 24,275,800 RMB.

Post time: Sep-13-2023