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The JEC World in Paris, France, is the oldest and largest composite materials exhibition in Europe and the world. Founded in 1963, it is a major global event for the display of academic achievements and products in composite materials, reflecting the latest technologies and application results within the industry.

The JEC World in Paris gathers the entire value chain of the composite materials industry in Paris every year, serving as a meeting point for professionals from around the world. This event not only brings together all the major global companies but also encompasses innovative startups, experts, scholars, scientists, and R&D leaders in the fields of composite materials and advanced materials.

New materials, as one of the three key technologies common to the 21st century, have become the driving force behind rapid global economic growth and a strategic focus for enhancing core competitiveness. Materials, especially the level and scale of research and industrial development of new materials, have become an important indicator of a country’s scientific progress and overall strength. The countries with the highest production of composite materials are Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, and France, with their combined output accounting for more than a third of Europe’s total production.

The exhibits at the JEC World in Paris cover a wide range of application areas including automotive, ships and yachts, aerospace, building materials, rail transport, wind power, recreational products, pipelines, and electric power. The breadth of industries covered is unmatched by other similar exhibitions. JEC World is the only exhibition that unites the global composite materials industry, serving as a platform for extensive exchange among application merchants and suppliers, research personnel, and experts. It also represents a signpost and pathway for companies aiming to internationalize.

JEC World is also described as a “festival of composite materials,” offering a unique display of composite materials for various application areas from aerospace to maritime, from construction to automotive, and providing endless inspiration for participants in these industries. At this exhibition, ACM welcomed 113 new and returning customers, signing contracts for 6 containers on-site.

Post time: Mar-28-2024