ACM Shines at JEC WORLD 2023, Marking a Milestone in Internationalization

JEC WORLD 2023 was held on April 25-27, 2023 at the Villeurbanne Exhibition Center in the northern suburbs of Paris, France, welcoming more than 1,200 enterprises and 33,000 participants from 112 countries around the world. The participating companies showed the latest technology and application achievements of the current world composite materials industry in multiple dimensions. JEC WORLD in France is the oldest and largest professional exhibition in the composite industry in Europe and even in the world.

ACM team participated in the exhibition with high-quality products, professional services, and full enthusiasm. During the exhibition, Mr. Ray Chen, the Sales Manager of ACM, led the team to participate in the exhibition, engaging in discussions with global partners about the latest technologies and trends in composite materials of fiberglass, and sharing the achievements ACM team made over the years. The ACM team, as an expert in glass fiber products, participated in this exhibition with high-quality products, professional services and full enthusiasm. ACM’s high-quality products and advanced technology attracted attention from various aspects of the industry. The glass fiber products of ACM team are widely used in wind power generation, infrastructure, aerospace, sports , transportation, construction materials and other fields.

During the exhibition, the ACM team had received more than 300 clients and collected over 200 business cards from clients around the world, such as France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and India… (ACM booth number: Hall 5, B82)After three days of hard work, ACM company fully demonstrated our manufacturing strength and style in glass fiber composite materials. ACM team was unanimously recognized by other enterprises. JEC WORLD was a symbol and avenue for ACM’s internationalization.

The majority of clients hope to have a long-term partnership with ACM team. ACM team will not let go of any market and will give our customers more confidence in all aspects and provide better services. This exhibition made ACM team aware that market changes have put forward new requirements for the performance and production processes of glass fiber composite materials. In the future, ACM team will continue to increase its efforts in innovation, as always!



Post time: Jul-03-2023