ECR Fiberglass Direct Roving for Wind Power

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Weaving Process

Weaving is the process of making unidirectional, multi-axial, compound fabric and other products by crossing two sets of threads over and under each other at weft, warp direction or +45° on weaving machine tor crossing ECR-glass direct roving and chopped strand mat together on stitching machine.

  • Brand name: ACM
  • Place of origin: Thailand
  • Technique: Direct Roving for Wind Power
  • Roving type: Direct Roving
  • Fiberglass type: ECR-glass
  • Resin: UP/VE
  • Packing: Standard International Exporting Packing.
  • Application: Producing Woven Roving,Tape,Combo Mat,Sandwich Mat etc.
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    Direct Roving for Wind Power

    ECR-glass Direct Roving for Wind Power is based on silane reinforced sizing formulation. It has excellent weaving property, good abrasion resistance, low fuzz, good compatibility with epoxy resin and vinyl resin, delivering excellent mechanical property and anti-fatigue property of its finished products.

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    Filament Diameter(μm)

    LinearDensity(tex) Compatible Resin Product Features





    EP/VE excellent weaving property
    good abrasion resistance, low fuzz
    good wet out with epoxy resin and vinyl resin
    excellent mechanical property and anti-fatigue property of its finished product

    Application Of ECR-glass Roving For Wind Power

    The application of ECR-glass direct roving in wind turbine blades and hubcaps is gaining widespread attention due to its ability to meet the requirements of being lightweight, strong, and capable of carrying heavy loads. This is crucial for maintaining the overall load-bearing capacity of the wind turbine's nacelle cover.


    Production Process

    Our production process of ECR-glass direct roving involves the use of minerals as raw materials, which are then processed through furnace drawing. This technique, known for its advanced technology, ensures excellent tensile strength in ECR-glass direct roving. To further showcase the quality of our production, we have provided a live video for your reference. Additionally, our products combine seamlessly with resin to enhance their performance.

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