Fiberglass Woven Roving (300, 400, 500, 600, 800g/m2)

Short Description:

Woven Rovings is a bidirectional fabric, made of continuous ECR glass fiber and untwisted roving in plain weave construction. It is mainly used in hand lay-up and compression molding FRP production. Typical products include boat hulls, storage tanks, large sheets and panels, furniture, and other fiberglass products.

  • Brand name: ACM
  • Place of origin: Thailand
  • Technique: Weaving process
  • Roving type: Direct roving
  • Fiberglass type: ECR-glass
  • Resin: UP/VE/EP
  • Packing: standard international exporting packing.
  • Application: pultrusion, hand moulding, prepeg, compression moulding, winding to manufacture Automotive, Ballistic panel, GRP Pipes, fiberglass mesh cloth, boat hulls, storage tanks, large sheets, furniture etc.
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    Woven roving fiberglass is a heavier fiberglass cloth with an increased fiber content derived from its continuous filaments. This property makes woven roving an extremely strong material that is often used to add thickness to laminates.

    However, woven roving has a rougher texture that makes it difficult to effectively adhere another layer of roving or cloth to the surface. Usually woven rovings require a finer fabric to block print. To compensate, roving is generally layered and stitched with chopped strand mat, which saves time in multi-layer layups and allows the roving/chopped strand mixture to be used for the fabrication of large surfaces or objects.

    Product Features

    1. Even thickness, uniform tension, no fuzz, no stain
    2. Fast wet-out in resins, minimal strength loss under damp condition
    3. Multi-resin-compatible, like UP/VE/EP
    4. Densely aligned fibers, resulting in high dimensional stability and high product strength
    4. Easy shape adaptation, Easy impregnation, and good transparency
    5. Good drapeability, good moldability and cost-effectiveness

    Product Specification

    Product Code

    Unit Weight ( g/ m2)

    Width ( mm )

    Length ( m )

    EWR200- 1000


    1000± 10


    EWR300- 1000

    300 ± 24



    EWR400 – 1000

    400 ± 32

    1000± 10


    EWR500 – 1000

    500 ± 40

    1000± 10


    EWR600 – 1000

    600± 48

    1000± 10


    EWR800- 1000

    800± 64

    1000± 10


    EWR570- 1000


    1000± 10


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