ECR-glass Assembled Roving for Spray Up

Short Description:

The assembled fiberglass roving for spray-up is coated with based sizing, compatible with unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins. Then it’s cut by the chopper, sprayed with the resin on the mold, and rolled, which is necessary to soak the resin into the fibers and eliminate air bubbles. In the end, the glass-resin mixture is cured into the product.

  • Brand name: ACM
  • Place of origin: Thailand
  • Surface Treatment: Silicon Coated
  • Roving type: Assembled roving
  • Technique: Spray Up Process
  • Fiberglass type: E-glass
  • Resin: UP/VE
  • Packing: Standard International Exporting
  • Applications: Parts for vehicles, boat hulls, Sanitary products (including bath tubs, shower trays, etc), Storage tanks, Cooling towers, etc
  • Product Detail

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    Product Specification

    Product code

    Filament Diameter


    Linear Density


    Compatible Resin

    Product Features & Application






    Fast wet-out
    Low static
    Good choppability
    Minor angle no spring back
    Mainly used for producing boats, bathtubs, automotive parts, pipes, storage vessels and cooling towers
    Especially suitable for making large flat plane products






    Moderate wet out
    Low fuzz
    Good choppability
    No spring back in small angle
    Mainly be used to make the tub shower, tank, boat plaster panel

    Product Features

    1. Good choppability and anti-static
    2. Good fiber dispersion
    3. Multi-resin-compatible, like UP/VE
    4. No spring back at the small angle
    5. High-intensity of the composite product
    6. Excellent electric (insulation) performance

    Storage Suggestion

    Unless otherwise specified, it is recommended to store the fiberglass spray roving in a dry, cool and moistureproof environment where the room temperature and humidity should always be maintained at 15°C to 35°C (95°F). Fiberglass roving must remain in packaging material until just before their use.

    Safety Information

    To ensure the safety of all users near the product and to avoid damage to the product, it is recommended that you do not stack the pallets of Continuous fiberglass Spray Roving more than three layers high.

    Assembled Roving 5

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