ECR-glass Assembled Roving For SMC

Short Description:

The SMC assembled roving is designed to reinforce UP, VE, etc, providing good choppability, excellent dispersion, low fuzz, fast wet-out, low static, etc.

  • Brand name: ACM
  • Place of origin: Thailand
  • Surface Treatment: Silicon Coated
  • Roving type: Assembled roving
  • Technique: SMC
  • Fiberglass type: ECR-glass
  • Resin: UP/VE
  • Packing: Doffs are wrapped in plastic films, Standard international exporting packing: Roll with pallet
  • Applications: Parts for vehicles, boat hulls, Sanitary products (including bath tubs, shower trays, etc), Storage tanks, Cooling towers, etc
  • Product Detail

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    Filament Diameter


    Linear Density


    Compatible Resin

    Product Features & Application






    Low fuzz
    Low static
    Good choppability
    Good dispersion
    For general use, to make insulation parts, profile, and structural part



    Excellent dispersion and flow ability
    Excellent wet-through and water-resistance properties
    Designed for class A application

    Sheet Molding Compound Process

    Sheet molding compound (SMC) is a high-strength composite material comprising primarily a thermosetting resin, filler (s), and fiber reinforcement. The thermosetting resin is typically based on unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester.

    The resin, filler and additives are mixed into a resin paste which is added onto a carrier film, and then the chopped glass strands are dropped on the resin paste. And another carrier-film supported resin paste layer is applied onto the fiberglass layer, creating the final sandwich structure (carrier film - paste - fiberglass - paste - carrier film). The SMC prepreg is transformed into often complex-shaped finished parts, creating a solid 3-D-shaped composite within a few minutes. The fiberglass significantly improves mechanical performance and dimension stability as well as the surface quality of the final part. Final SMC products are often used in the automotive industry.


    Product Features

    1. Good choppability and anti-static
    2. Good fiber dispersion
    3. Multi-resin-compatible, like UP/VE
    4. More strength, dimensional stability, and corrosion resistance of the composite product
    6. Excellent electric (insulation) performance

    SMC Products’ Benefits

    1.Thermal resistance
    2.Fire retardancy
    3.Weight reduction
    4.Excellent electrical performance
    5.Low emissions

    End Products

    1.Electrical & Electronics
    • Electrical connectors, shrouds, circuit breaker housings, and
    contact blocks
    • Motor mounts, brush cards, brush holders, and starter housings
    • Electric switchgear
    • Electrical insulator parts
    • Electrical junction boxes
    • Satellites Aerials / Dish Antennas

    • Air deflectors and spoilers
    • Frames for windows/sunroofs
    • Air-intake manifolds
    • Front-end grill opening
    • Battery casings and covers
    • Headlamp housings
    • Bumpers and bumper
    • Heat shields (engine, transmission)
    • Cylinder head covers
    • Pillars (e.g. 'A' and 'C') and coverings

    • Oven end-panels
    • Cabinets & Storage Boxes
    • Kitchen Sinks
    • Lids.
    • Cutters
    • Cooling Coli Drip Pans such as room air conditioners

    4.Building & Construction
    • Door Skins
    • Fencing
    • Roofing
    • Window Panels
    • Water Tanks
    • Dust Bins
    • Basins & Bath Tubs

    5.Medical Devices
    • Instrumentation covers, bases, and components
    • Standard and contagious/biohazard trash cans and receptacles
    • X-ray film containers
    • Surgery equipment
    • Antibacterial components

    6.Military & Aerospace
    8.Safety & Security

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